Recent work

What part of the tree upwards, leaves or flowers, you’re wondering…. Conceiving me, things become out of control cannot be executed until the end, said changing one after the other in the Middle so there well. But as another version if make ideas first made according to plan, come up with in the middle…. For the time being re-painted white.

made recently

me pictures recently produced. No cats, homeless cat, still life, buildings, wild horses, etc. Cat pictures rotating the portrait failed, drew. It is fun making pictures from a Flash. Buildings, still-life paintings like Utrillo, Morandi. πŸ™‚ Picture of snake revising because I don’t like.


Snake / 2012-13 / oil / 61Γ—73cm
2013 is the year of the Snake in Chinese Zodiac. So, I began to promote a picture of a snake that was there from before. There are also unhappy with the detail in this picture, I like the placement of the colors.


Fish / 2012 / Oil on canvas / 67Γ—24cm

I know you see the progress and production, compared to the first drawing was of slender fish. This picture is also, there is a hesitation in production like always, I had a hard time the direction is not determined. Background he was going to be blue, paired with a picture of a fish on a red background another. But stop. Corn I was dared to obscure.
Yes, first image is acknowledge that was deep water fish, such as the Coelacanth fish. πŸ™‚ So smoothly this time, also will challenge picture of deep-sea fish. Interesting things not according to plan.

Work process


Picture of this fish, painted a picture of a salmon based on the founder of Japan’s oil painting, of Takahashi yuichi. Good at painting so went the first time, but then stop and let me, I decided to continue the work. I’m going to the picture colorful.γ€€Bottom image is the current state. πŸ™‚

A part of work process

Where I finished painting the entire first.

… 😦

I did not like the color balance, I changed the background to white.
I want to stand out a little splint.

The darker the color of leaves, stems, I have to ensure that the part withered.
The black color of the pot.

Put the contrast to the background. Change color to yellow leaf I withered.
After this, instead of painted white saucer, then I repeat the detailed repaint.