Actual size

Figure Caravaggio’s skin was rough, I like. Nice crack effect.

I bought in a secondhand bookstore for 100 JPY ×5. Purpose is, but a picture of the master part, because they are printed in full size. , Art book or magazine is a valuable source of information because I do not go to the museum.(Not even close to it) ( ´∀`)
Have gone up every year the quality of the print. So, you sometimes do not re-buy or If you do not. (‘A`)

About 60cm. Size of about two keyboards.

Expression of the wrinkles Rembrandt’s dress.

Corot’s Mona Lisa and intact canvas.

All 50 books in the series.


Converse All-stars of black canvas.A color became so light when I left you unattended in the garden for around two years.:)
A gray part was black.It is these shoes, thing of my family,
but does not seem to need it…Because there was no change, in the sole,
it was decided that I used it.
Though because I do not like boots and shoes of the higher frequency elimination,
I do not know whether I continue wearing it.