Great nature

Jitsugetsu sansui zu (The sun and the moon, mountain and sea figure) / 14-16 century / Each 147×314cm

A pictorial subject that combines the motifs of the sun and moon in landscapes of the four seasons.
It is a picture of the mysterious unknown author, unknown legacy, this street has been evaluated as masterpieces unmistakable. And intelligence have been living wild.

Tv watching

In Japanese tv, I broadcasted the program of the tornado of America.

It is reported that a tornado is generated in the United States in Japan.
However, I did not know it that such many tornadoes came.

I think that a tornado is more dangerous than an earthquake.
The Japanese is used to an earthquake, but will the American be used to a tornado, too?
A human being is a creature to adapt itself to…
Is it bad whether it is good?…