Once again it’s tank. Bought a cute fish, large size. 🙂 Branch was falling to the garden.




Fish / 2012 / Oil on canvas / 67×24cm

I know you see the progress and production, compared to the first drawing was of slender fish. This picture is also, there is a hesitation in production like always, I had a hard time the direction is not determined. Background he was going to be blue, paired with a picture of a fish on a red background another. But stop. Corn I was dared to obscure.
Yes, first image is acknowledge that was deep water fish, such as the Coelacanth fish. 🙂 So smoothly this time, also will challenge picture of deep-sea fish. Interesting things not according to plan.

Work process


Picture of this fish, painted a picture of a salmon based on the founder of Japan’s oil painting, of Takahashi yuichi. Good at painting so went the first time, but then stop and let me, I decided to continue the work. I’m going to the picture colorful. Bottom image is the current state. 🙂