kudara Kannon

National treasures of Japan produced the kudara Kannon Asuka period. Wooden Buddha images. Image 211 cm high. Made of camphor, the lacquer is applied on. There that came from Baekje tradition, is made in Japan it seems to be almost certain. Few records, Buddha mysteries. Located at Horyu-ji Temple in Nara, West Japan. When viewed from the side would be nice! So I put a poster of kudara Kannon hand bought in and decorated. Currently, so room is painted with paint, quickly finished work, you want to organize. Table legs are painted black. Spray paint is easy.


I feel like seeming to be able to make what it is if I save this…

I decided to make it with a photograph of my favorite old folk music this time.Easily determine the placement. From the biggest thing.
In recent years, there is a handy tape glue. I also always use. However, because the stock ended regular glue.Yellow, thick felt with a cloth, pressing lightly.
Completion 🙂 The size is slightly smaller than a record.The work to put is around 30 minutes.Work to drain off is great.The sum is a 100-yen shop.(100JPY=1.2734 USD=1.0409EUR)