Maurice de Vlaminck (1876-1958)

A picture of this ship is my most favorite picture in a picture of the Fauvism.When the form of this person is the best and watches the photograph of the atelier, a palette is hung on an easel and is cool.The episode when Japanese painter “Yuzo Saeki” who died young met him may be exaggerated, but is an impressive story.

Nicolas de Stael (1914-1955)

Very beautiful thick painting.In particular, I like the continuous cropping of football. 🙂
This series inspired by a France-Sweden football match that he saw at Paris in 1952.

Oskar Kokoschka (1886-1980)

He is the master and thin coat of paint impasto. I like his portraits. 🙂
His paintings draw has not yelling like the photo, it’s a unique portrait painting. 🙂

Kumagai Morikazu (1880-1977)

Painter was called hermit. May be cut off contact with the art world, for 30 years, did not go outside the grounds of the home. He painted the simplistic, such as a picture of the child. He said “recognized a bad picture”,became a famous phrase.

「In some cases, draw a picture, do not know what to draw myself from the beginning, also new to me. Have you by drawing, but not in his come out, it is fun.」

「I can not tell you exactly the words. Even in one color in one line, performance, painting, it would depend on the draw. Blue is blue who can see. However, blue or any blue words, not exactly sure. I also explained in detail how much writing. I do not really trust the text.」

「Remains even in paper, also on campus, is the most beautiful not draw anything.」