Hasekawa Toshiyuki (1891-1940)

He of the youth is a poet, and the book of verse appears by self-publishing, too. It is about 30 years old that he has begun to describe a painting in self-education. I did not have a house whether I realized a picture and drank liquor whether he drew a picture all day at the slums. He sent a picture to friends without permission and I thronged to the house of the celebrity and pictured a picture and required money, and the life went to ruin. It is after several decades pass posthumously that his evaluation advanced. Is it a plane or a line… When I knew him, as for me, the splendid artist who was not yet known to the world in the world thought that I was.


Ebihara kinosuke (1904-1970)

Stone wall

When I look back this way, I see the arm on the right side of the screen is somehow a fence. Want to fix this too.