white cat

It is titled white cat, was portrayed as a beast. Or hyena. No, I think … canine. This is the largest size in my paintings so far. Exhibitions have been rare, but I failed to get elected. 😦
When it is big size, I do not draw it more than required too much, and a picture is full of life.However, I can say that description became weak if I look from a different viewpoint.I am particular.However, because the composition becomes careful, it is had a good experience. When you look back now, it has been drawn with a thin coat of primer will also too. I like this picture because I might be modified.


Hot spring bathing

I like Egon Schiele. The picture was painted at a time when it was particularly attracted to his paintings. I think you can see that the human body has been affected by his paintings. Although it is a badly embarrassed about … incomparable. People draw only the part before, come up with a title from this pose, I paint in the rocks on either side. This picture is also, let’s add the paint someday.

Sekine Shoji (1899-1919)

This is the thing which pictured women who looked in a fantasy, and himself tells, such “a woman appears in the feeling to pray to loneliness of the loneliness in morning and evening whether it is anything else in front of five, me from three about this work when it is”.He died because of a disease with 20-year-old youth in 1919 approximately one year after he drew this work. Depiction also say rustic, have drawn the primitive charm, I feel great picture. Picture is not something drawn by technology alone, it is a picture of me think so.

His words
「The sorrow is referred to as there is a serious reality surprising, Where there is sorrow In addition, there is a holy place.」