Great nature

Jitsugetsu sansui zu (The sun and the moon, mountain and sea figure) / 14-16 century / Each 147×314cm

A pictorial subject that combines the motifs of the sun and moon in landscapes of the four seasons.
It is a picture of the mysterious unknown author, unknown legacy, this street has been evaluated as masterpieces unmistakable. And intelligence have been living wild.

Nicolas de Stael (1914-1955)

Very beautiful thick painting.In particular, I like the continuous cropping of football. 🙂
This series inspired by a France-Sweden football match that he saw at Paris in 1952.


Cat / 2011 / oil on canvas / 61×50cm
I would become better if I painted with white paint by a writing brush not a painting knife.Such paint peel-off fall, I will.