Boy / 2011 / oil on canvas / 41×27cm

I have the time when I want to draw it like Cezanne well.It comes regularly.
Years pass including drawing a picture and are the painter who, no,
I think out Cezanne whether this will be because it increases to make a picture more,and pictured it to draw a picture, but.I think people in front of the fence, this motif is much wanted to draw. Because I like. :)


London Olympic, men’s soccer national team in Japan,
Spain was plagued by speed, that is number 11 FW.
He is a super defensive FW? super aggressive DF?
Booties! 🙂 Take the points! 🙂 Expectations! 🙂

I found a picture of the past similar to that now he has been gathering attention in Japan. similar?

Two men called Kanzan,Jittoku decided to hide a figure from the world.In a mountain, Live without regard to appearance.Kanzan,Jittoku disliked the value standard of this world.
As a secret sage, a longed-for symbol, it has been drawn.

shoukei / Kanzan-Jittoku / 15th century / ink drawing on paper …The front is a Kanzan=Cold Mountain.

Actual size

Figure Caravaggio’s skin was rough, I like. Nice crack effect.

I bought in a secondhand bookstore for 100 JPY ×5. Purpose is, but a picture of the master part, because they are printed in full size. , Art book or magazine is a valuable source of information because I do not go to the museum.(Not even close to it) ( ´∀`)
Have gone up every year the quality of the print. So, you sometimes do not re-buy or If you do not. (‘A`)

About 60cm. Size of about two keyboards.

Expression of the wrinkles Rembrandt’s dress.

Corot’s Mona Lisa and intact canvas.

All 50 books in the series.


I cut a magazine worried about from old days and put it on the notebook.
When it has a favorite article on the both sides of the page to be troubled!
I decided on either and put it on the notebook in old days,
I just keep it in a clear pocket binder now. 🙂

Wappen Appliqué

I bought a vintage clothing store left.
Apparently those of the American basketball team.Look the best !
The right is cloth fabric store. Buy autumn of last year,
had been attempting to put winter clothes, this remains to the present.


Bird / 2011 / oil on canvas / 41×32cm

When painting, do not look, you have to draw the blood circulation in the storage only.
Memory is that bad … it. Also this picture, I was a mixture of chicken, ostrich-crane will. 🙂
You get used to objectively view their own pictures and photos on your PC.
There was also a little more color so this is better.