Tv watching

In Japanese tv, I broadcasted the program of the tornado of America.

It is reported that a tornado is generated in the United States in Japan.
However, I did not know it that such many tornadoes came.

I think that a tornado is more dangerous than an earthquake.
The Japanese is used to an earthquake, but will the American be used to a tornado, too?
A human being is a creature to adapt itself to…
Is it bad whether it is good?…


Cat / 2011 / oil on canvas / 46×33cm

I like Cezanne. I drew this like him. 🙂
I paint with paint too much and tend to delete previous result.
I am strongly conscious of a minimum after this.


The mermaid who was drawn on kawaraban (newspaper) of the Edo era for 1,805 years
It was shot with 450 guns. The size is 13.2m = 520inch = 43feet.
There is a golden corner. Both sides have three eyes.mmm…

Friends sutra

Friends sutra (satou kei 1918-1960 japan)

where are you? friends.
while walking, remembered, friends.
while working, remembered, friends.
round face, square face, slim face, good talks face, friends.
silent, friend, nervous, friend, insensitive, friends,
body weakly, Anxious, friends,
lives in various ways, friend. each other, friends.

what is it doing? remembered, friends.
unawares, disappeared, friend. drinkers, friends.
cowardly, Shameless, because, friends.
dear, nostalgic, hateful, female, friends.
a lot gathers,friends.
everybody became separate, friends.
today,friend. tomorrow, friends.
far,friends. neighborhood, friends.
many, more, friends.

foreign, friends.
everyone, far-off place, invisible, friends.
gentle heart, friends.
everybody, friends. of me, friends.
forever, friends.
succeed in life, to fool me, friends.
still a friend, my friend, joyful friends.

never forget, friends.
When i part, crying, Joined hands, friends.
When i part, laughing, the hat was shaken, friends.
there at that time, friends.
literary friends. painter, friends.
Of hard time, friends.
together, with war-time, friends.
always, encouraged me, friends.
do you still live? friends.
ah, lonely, friends.


Man / 2001 / oil on canvas / 23×16cm

Work was drawn with a painting knife only, compared to the size of the picture, will be quite heavy.
I painting with much paint thick as much as I feel it to be heavy.
It is very hard for me to treat a blue color.

Red Snake

Red Snake / 2001 / oil on canvas / 41×32cm

I is not hate snakes. I also like to draw the picture.
This is, almost without brush, I drew in painting knife.
I have drawn it without using the painting brush for one or two years.
Was good study, maybe.

My art

I like pictures. As for looking. As for drawing it.
My painting is oil painting.
I began it in 2000. It is self-education.I often draw it on the canvas.

Because there is little success,
I paint the canvas which I failed in in a color and put it out.

I learn one and forget one…The state continues.
So a left thing thinks with a picture like personality, oneself.